Simone Cruz, VP of Cryopraxis, says it is fundamental to invest in human resources

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The story of Janaína, now Technical Director of Cryopraxis, is an example of how a Brazilian company invests and believes in science, technology and human resources development.

Janaína was born in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. But she has a life trajectory that could be an example for young scientists: curious since she was little, she believed that only from a lot of study one could learn and understand the world. A student in the public schools of Rio de Janeiro, from primary school to doctorate, she always sought complementary learning.

In high school, when it came time to pick a career, she heard from a teacher what being a scientist meant, and planned to be a chemist. Then, on a cell biology lecture, she decided to combine chemistry with biology and transitioned to Pharmacy School. Janaína sought an internship in the Laboratory of Bone Marrow Processing at university, and later became successful as a processing technician. There, her passion for regenerative medicine began. It was time to get her master’s degree.

“It was then that we met her, and Janaína was soon put into our practice as Production Manager at Cryopraxis in cell therapy and regenerative medicine,” adds Simone Cruz, Vice President of Cryopraxis.

Over 16 years of hard work and partnership, Janaína successfully managed her work at Cryopraxis, where she grew professionally and academically.

Janaína is now a PhD and has since taken over as Technical Director of the Company. She now manages a large team of professionals from different areas, working on different lines of research with stem cells.

“Janaína never stopped studying, after becoming involved in several of our lines of research. And she wanted the doctorate. And she did it,” completes Simone Cruz.

Dr. Janaína Machado is the newest PhD of Cryopraxis. This title brings with it not only knowledge, but also a personal achievement of someone who has always worked with effort and dedication towards her dreams.

Cryopraxis Criobiologia Ltd owns the first and largest cord blood bank in Brazil. Cryopraxis is AABB Accredited. More information can be found on

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